Joanne Caffrey - Expert Witness

Author & Speaker, National Training Award Winner, and expert in:

The use of force

Management of challenging behaviour

Safer detention in police or prison custody

Expert on the use of challenging behaviour and police/prison safer custody issues

Cases involving the use of force while in custody are rarely out the news.

As one of the UK's few Expert Witnesses that can advise on criminal and civil court cases in the management of challenging behaviour in police and prison custody, I can advise you on matters relating to complex cases and ways to ensure safer detention to eliminate or reduce to the lowest levels of self harm, and other deaths in custody.

I have recieved national awards for my work in the safer handling of detained persons in custody.

Challenging behaviours within the education sector

Schools are increasingly having to deal with difficult situations with challenging behaviour.

My expertise extends to offering advice for the management of challenging behaviour in all sectors, but with particular expertise in the education sector. I currently work with 300 schools in the UK. My expertise includes:

  • Child protection issues

  • Children with sensory integration and processing disorders

Additional Expert Witness credentials

Professional Expert Witness with Bond Solon Legal Training in conjunction with Cardiff University Law School. My expertise is registered with:

  • The UK Register of Experts
  • The National Expert Witness Agency
  • Expert Sources

Media spokesperson

 I have recently worked with:

  • BBC radio 4 File on Four investigations
  • BBC Radio 5 Live investigations
  • The IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commision)

Education | Care | Security | Police and Prison custody | Self defence

Awards and recognition include:

  • 2012 British Excellence in Performance Award, British Association of Women in Policing, for my work on the initial national Safer Detention and Handling of Persons in Police Custody.
  • 2009 National Training Award for the initial Professionalising Investigation (PIP) programme for the investigation of crimes against the vulnerable.

Expert opinion and reports have been provided on a variety of cases including:

  • Prison suicides
  • Handcuff cases
  • Levels of observations in custody
  • Suicide and self harm recognition in custody
  • Managing challenging behaviour in schools
  • Children and staff injured in school intervention incidents

Former Police Officer with 24 years experience

I was a Police Officer for 24 years, during which time I spent 17 years as a sergeant. I held a variety of roles including:

  • Sex offences.
  • Custody sergeant.
  • Patrol sergeant.
  • Tactical support group sergeant (i.e. riot & public disorder).
  • Training department sergeant, head of specialist police training.
  • Civil contingencies / emergency planning sergeant (including counter terrorism security advice event planning and VIP visits).

Licensed training centre for NFPS

I specialise in the Safer Handling of vulnerable people:

  • Children
  • Elderly people
  • Custodial services
  • Special educational needs and disabilities

I am also an NSPCC trained trainer for child protection & safeguarding. I deliver BTEC regulated & NFPS approved courses in:

  • Use of force
  • Self defence
  • Handcuffs
  • Emergency response belts
  • Conflict management
  • De-escalation techniques