Dealing with Service Users who Bite, Scratch or Spit

Expert Witness Opinion

Joanne's latest article in Expert Witness Journal covers dealing with service users who bite, scratch or spit.  It's unpleasant, distressing and can lead to mental and physical ill health on both sides.

Joanne's article discusses the myths and pitfalls managing foreseeable risk with challenging behaviours.  Is all de-escalation and restraint training the same?  Should staff accept that being bitten, scratched or spat at is just part of the job?  Isn't it all just common sense?

If you would like to find out the answers to these and other questions relating to this topic you can read the full article HERE.

The information in this article applies to all schools, nurseries, care, mental health and custody settings.  Here you can read about the common myths and misunderstandings that are out there and what you should actually be doing in your work place to safeguard staff and service users.