How safe is your use of your 'safe room' or 'calming room'?

Time out, calming, safe, blue, and seclusion rooms - good intentions can become abusive practice.  A growing number of schools and care settings are implementing 'calming rooms' or 'safe rooms'.  The intention of the room is good BUT there are issues that schools and care settings need to consider in order to avoid opening themselves up to allegations of false imprisonment and abuse. 

  • A head teacher was recently found guilty of professional misconduct for the way they used their room
  • A school was found liable for the over use of their room
  • A child committed suicide, by hanging, in a school's room because of the failure to eliminate ligature points

This 9 minute video will take you through some of the issues to consider:  Link to calm room video.
If you would like the PDF version of the Powerpoint presentation please e-mail Total Train direct.