Long QT Heart Syndrome - an inherited condition producing heart rhythm disturbances

Stress, strenuous exercise, physical restraint and over the counter medications can all trigger episodes which can be life-changing or even fatal.  It is essential that people have an awareness of what it is and, if you have a service user on site with a confirmed diagnosis, that staff are suitably trained and all reasonable control measures are implemented to reduce the risk of death.

This five minute YouTube video (CLICK HERE) provides you with a brief summary of what Long QT Heart Syndrome is and how Total Train can assist you to provide safe and effective care in your workplace.  For example, simple cold or cough remedies can trigger an episode due to the stimulants contained in them.  Many parents and staff will be unaware of this fact, and a medication to alleviate cold symptoms could prove fatal. 

The video raises three areas to review:

  • your first aid/medical response
  • your response to the challenging behaviour producing the symptoms or induced by them
  • administration of medications 

For any training or consultancy in these areas do not hesitate to contact Total Train for a free, no obligation, conversation.