Service Examples

I've outlined below some examples of cases I have advised upon.

There are a wide range of services, such as training and consultancy, which I can assist all sectors with concerning challenging behaviour.  This is to ensure compliance with the law, guidance and individual reasonable adjustments for the assessment of risk and need.

Ultimately each set of circumstances is unique and I'm always happy to discuss your needs and explore ways in which I can help you.

Education Sectors

A Teaching Assistant who was injured during a challenging behaviour incident in school.   The dispute focused on two areas: the lack of suitable and sufficient training for their role with the child, and the lack of suitable and sufficient risk assessment to establish the risks posed to the Teaching Assistant.

The overuse of force against a child with challenging behaviour, which the claimant pursues liability for ‘child abuse’ by the school staff.

A Teaching Assistant injured by a child through the, alleged, inappropriate restraint techniques which they had been provided with. The taught techniques not being suitable for the staff’s physical capabilities and demographics.

Prison Custody

Liability claims involving prison custody suicides and self-harm where staff have allegedly failed to identify risk factors for prisoners and therefore not instigated suitable safer custody procedures.

Liability claims for prisoner on prisoner assaults where the allegations center around the issues of failing to ‘safeguard’ the prisoner victims.

Allegations of assault by prisoners from prison custody staff in the application of the use of force on the prisoner

Allegations of assault by prisoners on prison custody staff and the issue of unsuitable staffing levels and failure to adequately assess levels of risk.

Allegations of failing to assess or provide medical care to prisoners prior to their transportation to court, causing significant harm during the journey.

Police Custody

Allegations concerning the use of force on detainees, causing injury.

Choking incidents where officers have tried to prevent swallowing of an item, but the person has swallowed and subsequently died or received life changing injuries.

The use of handcuffs, batons, CS or spit hoods etc.

Allegations concerning unlawful police detention

Care Sector

A staff member, being unexpected assaulted by a service user, made attempts to defend themselves but in the process caused minor bruising to the service user. The employee was accused of assault under employment policies for gross misconduct.

Clinical Setting

Mental health unit restraint by security staff where the patient died. Staff allegedly having no understanding concerning restraint techniques.

The basis of my work described above is summarised in my recent article Safer Custody Police or Prison Establishments, published in Expert Witness Journal which is available as a White Paper.  Click here to access the full article.