Expert witness and advice services

I offer a wide range of services to legal teams, HR departments and any situation where there is a dispute or court case involving the handling of people.  As far as working with legal teams, I work on behalf of private or Legal Aid instructions.

Expert verbal advice

20 minutes free consultation and email or verbal advice on a matter.  Ideal for initial considerations for employing an Expert.

Expert Advisor

A written opinion from the Expert on behalf of the enquirer.  This report is not intended for use in legal proceedings.  May be beneficial for an interim assessment of the strength of a client’s claim.  The Expert's primary duty is to the instructing party.

Expert Opinion report

A full report suitable for all court and tribunal uses.  The Expert's primary duty is to the court or tribunal.

Single Joint Expert

Acting on behalf of both parties in a claim to produce an Expert's report for court use. The Expert's primary duty is to the court or tribunal.

Expert Media & PR

TV, radio, other media.

Corporate Services

We offer corporate monthly fees for unlimited advice or packages for Expert services.

Court & Hearing appearances

I attend court, hearings and meetings throughout the UK and Northern Ireland at a fixed daily fee.